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PiA's Summer Classic – Step right up for PiA’s Annual Crowdfunding Campaign!


Dear Team PiA: 

It’s that time of year again: The sun is shining (more often than not) and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. This fall, you, our trusty PiA scouts, drummed up interest across the country, helping PiA recruit a record 621 applicants from 170 colleges and universities for the Fellowship. Over the winter, your insights and guidance helped us draft our recruits into the organization, preparing them for a spring full of fastballs, sliders, and PiA’s favorite, the curveball. (What’s that, you’re interested in going to Southeast Asia? We think Kazakhstan might fit like a glove!). As usual, they have proven ready to knock ‘em all out of the park. Now that spring training has wrapped up and we’ve seen our team handle grounders, line drives and pop flies with ease (and long sleeves, and DEET), they’re primed and ready for the Big Leagues.

They’re joining a roster full of stars, over three thousand strong, whose generosity, commitment, and passion for PiA and its mission make this the best team around. As we get ready to launch our Class of 2017 into the field for PiA’s 119th year of promoting goodwill and understanding, we need the help of all of our PiA All-Stars to score big in our Summer Classic, PiA’s Annual Crowdfunding Campaign.

There’s the wind-up, now here’s the pitch: our Alumni and Friends are our superheroes and our All-Stars, and our constellation shines brightest with the participation of each and every one of you. In last year’s campaign, our Alumni and Friends stepped up to the plate in a major way, as 352 members of the PiA team contributed to help us exceed the ambitious campaign goal of $300k in celebration of our 3000 alumni. We did it thanks to your tremendous generosity – and we did it with only a 10% participation rate amongst our Alumni and Friends. Last year, we batted .100 and were still able to pull off a huge win. This year, we’re keeping our eye on the ball and aiming to double the number of contributing team members, rallying 704 donors this June!

With the help of our newly-drafted PiA Class Ambassadors, we are asking our Alumni and Friends to step up to the plate and donate whatever they can – every contribution makes a meaningful impact! And please help us rally more fans and team members by sharing the campaign page with your classmates, friends and family.

To make it even more special, a special group of campaign Anchors have issued a “2:1 Matching Challenge!”  In a tremendous show of generosity, a “Yalie for PiA” has pledged $100,000 in matching funds to the campaign, and a fabulous group of Heroes and Superheroes have committed an additional $50,000 to the match. Thanks to their support, all gifts up to $75,000 will be matched on a 2:1 basis. $50 will become $150.  $200 becomes $600.  $1,000 becomes $3,000. The bases are loaded -- will you step up to the plate? 

To keep the rally going over the full month of the campaign, we’ll be cheering you on with voices from the field, stories from our own Hall-of-Famers and the roll out of PiA’s newest collector’s item – baseball cards. Why? Because we think our Fellows are Topps!

Thank you for your support and all you have done to make it possible for our Fellows to embark on a journey that will give them a change in perspective, a job that matters, and a community for life.

DONATE NOW to help PiA hit another home run!


Yours sincerely,

Maggie Dillon

Executive Director, former 3rd baseman and wannabe Little League coach

A salute to our Campaign Anchors for their extraordinary generosity and leadership!  


  •  “Yalie for PiA” 


  • "Tiger for PiA"


  • Thomas Gorman
  • David Halperin
  • Matthew Bersani
  • Tara Joseph
  • Ginny Wilmerding
  • John Evans
  • Austin Arensberg
  • Blair Blackwell
  • Meg Osius
  • Peter Poullada
  • Daisy King
  • Vicki Noble
  • Pat Dwyer
  • Conrad Bauer
  • Peter Higgins
  • Stephen Markscheid
  • Matthew Hurlock
  • Isabella de La Houssaye
  • Kevin Cuskley

Our heartfelt thanks also go out to a number of anonymous anchors.

List updated June 25, 2017





This campaign is no longer active. Thanks for your support!

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Ningyu Li
Ningyu Li
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